Daily Energy Routine Handout (DER)


The Daily Energy Routine 4-Page Handout

This beautifully illustrated, 4-page handout walks you through a simple set of energy techniques that will help stimulate each of the vital energy systems of the body and bring them into harmony and balance. These simple techniques can benefit nearly anyone living in the stress-producing, polluted, nature-alien, energy-scrambling environments that have gone hand in hand with our technological progress.

Combine these methods into a "daily energy routine," that you can use every day. The Daily Energy Routine builds positive habits into your energy field. The techniques are simple yet potent, and they are cumulative.


The Daily Energy Routine
  • Four Thumps
  • Crossover Shoulder Pull
  • Cross Crawl
  • Wayne Cook Posture
  • Crown Pull
  • Connecting Heaven and Earth
  • Zip-up
  • Hook-up

This handout is also often bought in bulk by our practitioners to distribute to clients to help with their "energy homework". If you are a practitioner, you may want to add your contact information onto the bottom of page 4. Some practitioners hand-write it in or use pre-printed labels. In either case, we've left a spot on the bottom of the last page for you!

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