Energy Testing, Intuition, and Beyond! – LIVE STREAM RECORDING


Energy Testing, Intuition, and Beyond!

An Eden Energy Medicine Class with Madison King, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Includes Unlimited Replays!

October 26-28, 2018

Sensing energy is in your DNA, it’s an ancient wisdom inherent in all of us. Let Madison help you find the key that will open the door to your own unique way of sensing. Unlock your innate abilities and become the best healer you can be. Whether you’re a professional or a ‘beginner’ in the energy arena, there is a lot you can do to improve and expand your ability to sense, intuit, test and work with energy on a deeper level. You’ll find this class enlightening! Madison shares tips and techniques that you can use immediately.

Come to Trust Your Energy Testing Results!


 In this class you will:
  • Improve the accuracy and ease of your basic energy testing.
  • checkDiscover what’s standing in the way of you being a GREAT energy tester
  • checkOpen the flow of energy in the body so it can be tested more easily
  • Kick start and expand the boundaries of your ‘knowing’
  • checkConnect deeply and learn to trust your ‘gut feeling’
  • checkHeighten all your senses to support your 6th sense so it may bloom
  • checkDiscover if there is a hidden fear that prevents you from developing your intuitive skills
You'll also learn about Maddie’s Toybox: Elevate your energy practice! Discover how Maddie "plays" with her favorite essential oils, flower essences, and crystals to enhance intuition.As always, Madison’s teaching will be fun and playful, with lots of hands-on practice. Don’t be deceived! It will also bring a new profound depth, understanding and dimension to working with energies – her aim is to help you step up to the next level of being an authentic ‘Energy Sensitive’ and to truly trust yourself to dance with the energies.

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About Madison King

After a successful career in mainstream London advertising, Maddie decided there had to be ‘more to life’ than making TV commercials and began a 30-year journey of discovery; studying with top pioneers of natural healthcare and working with around 30,000+ clients and students over the decades. From this diverse experience, she is cherry picking to share with you the elements that have most helped her develop her ‘knowing’ and ‘sensitivity’ – the real essence of what has taken her from being one of Donna’s very first students in the early days to enjoying a thriving practice in Central London and to now heading up and running the official EEM training in Europe and teaching the advanced Year 4 work in the USA. Madison King

Madison King, EEM-AP

Author of seven published books and over 100 articles, radio and television appearances, Maddie now divides her time between the Isle of Wight (a small island off the southern English coast) and Southern Spain, where she runs her own (Madison’s Medicine) workshops, retreats and online study groups.

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