Energy Psychology Professional Package

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Energy Psychology is a new discipline that has been receiving attention due to its speed and effectiveness with difficult cases, [it] integrates ancient Eastern practices with Western psychology.”Ilene Serlin, Ph.D. (in the American Psychological Association’s online book review journal)

This package includes:

1. The Promise of Energy Psychology

Written by three of the leading figures in this important field, this groundbreaking book is the premiere introductory Energy Psychology text for laypeople and professionals alike.
Introduction to Energy Psychology (2-DVD Program)

A lively 4-Hour introductory class with live demonstration, and excellent PowerPoint overview, and good audience questions. This 2-DVD video seminar teaches you the basic principles and procedures to begin to apply Energy Psychology to issues in your own life.

2. Energy Psychology Interactive (CD-ROM and Book)

A 40-hour interactive professional training course. Energy Psychology Interactive shows clinicians how to stimulate selected energy points on the body at the same time that a psychological problem or goal is brought to mind. This facilitates—with surprising precision and effectiveness—desired changes in the emotions as well as the neurology related to that problem or goal
Energy Psychology Interactive Self-Help Guide

The Energy Psychology Interactive Self-Help Guide was written for therapists to give to their clients for back-home practice of what they are learning during their therapy sessions. Because it so nicely synthesizes many of the basic principles of Energy Psychology into a simple, practical guide, it quickly became one of our most popular products.

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