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Dr. Feinstein, a clinical psychologist, is an internationally recognized leader in the rapidly emerging field of Energy Psychology. His scientific papers have provided a foundation for understanding how it is possible to quickly and non-invasively alter brain chemistry for therapeutic gain. His award-winning popular books have opened the approach to many.
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The Promise of Energy Psychology
Introduction to Energy Psychology DVD Seminar ~ New 2011
Energy Psychology: A Hands-on Workshop
Energy Psychology Basic Recipe for Changing an Emotional Response Laminated Chart
Basic Skills Package
Basic Skills Package
$40.00 $50.95
Energy Psychology Professional Package
Energy Psychology Starter Package - Professional Upgrade
Energy Psychology for the Energy Medicine Practitioner
The Energies of Love (Soft Cover Book)
The NEW Energies of LOVE Class (Streaming Video)
Personal Mythology (Book)
Personal Mythology Package (Book & Digital Audio Set Supplement)
Audio Companion to Personal Mythology (3-CD set supplement)
Energy Psychology Interactive CD-ROM
Energy Psychology Interactive Package
Energy Psychology Interactive Self-Help Guide (Book)
Energy Psychology Interactive Book (Companion to CD-ROM)
Energy Psychology Interactive Self-Help Guide (eBook)
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