Energy, Intuition, and Eden's Way (Streaming Video)

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With Donna Eden special guests David Feinstein, Ph.D. and Titanya Dahlin

Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, CA

October 2011

This important advanced class offers a wide array of Eden Energy Medicine tools and tidbits, much of it related to grounding and learning new ways of releasing old energies to increase energetic freedom and balance.

This class was filmed in San Diego, CA at the Hard Rock Hotel, October 2011. Suggested prerequisite material: Energy Medicine, 5-Day Basic Training Video, Energy Tracker Video, & Radiant Circuits Video.

Some of the invaluable techniques and information covered in this class include:

    • A Basic Sequence for Grounding to help connect with the Earth’s energy, release negative energies, and protect and stabilize the body’s energy systems
    • Expanding the Aura for when you feel your energies are compressed or you need more psychic space
    • Eight Systemic Points that can be used to shore up vulnerabilities of various physical systems within the body
    • Ancient Echoes, which releases imprints of injury and trauma from cells, muscles, organs, and chakras
    • Open the Vault/Clear the Samskara, deeply important when nothing seems to penetrate to the core of the energetic problem, this can open the heart and clear wounds from the chakras
    • Releasing the Ghosts to help resolve old energies, keep you grounded, and hook you up spiritually
    • Jump Time Energies, a process that brings energy and consciousness together to address old wounds
    • Reclaiming Your Personal Season, to move you from a stress place within one of the Five Rhythms to a wisdom place
    • Use of the Six Hastening Points to move from “mere health” to energetic vitality

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