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Advanced Chakra Class (Streaming Video)
The Weight Class: Using Energy Medicine to Fall in Love with Your Body & Achieve Your Desired Weight
Energy Medicine for Animals - Streaming Video
Daily Energy Routine Handout
The Black Pearl Laminated Chart
Energy Techniques for Tooth Pain ~ Laminated Chart
Meridian Source Points ~ Laminated Chart
Energy Psychology Basic Recipe for Changing an Emotional Response Laminated Chart
Neurolymphatic Reflex Points ~ Laminated Chart
Neurovascular Holding Points ~ Laminated Chart
Sixteen Seed Point ~ Laminated Chart
Laminate – Muscle Meridian Chart
Energy Medicine: 10th Anniversary Edition (Award Winning Book)
Strengthening & Sedating Points - Laminated Chart (sku: Sedate)
The Meridian Cycle ~ Laminated Chart
Playing With The Frequencies – A Donna Eden Advanced Class - (Streaming)
Alarm Points ~ Laminated Chart
Five Rhythms NV Reflex Points ~ Laminated Chart
Energy Medicine for the Eyes Package
Color Gels
Eden Energy Medicine Tri-Fold Brochure (pack of 25)
Five Rhythms Pulse Check ~ Laminated Chart
The Starfish Connection ~ Laminated Chart
Brazilian Toe Technique ~ Laminated Chart
Balancing the Meridians Using Color Gels ~ Laminated  Chart
The Five Elements
The Three Point Technique Booklet
Meridian Flow Wheel & Rhythms of the Seasons ~ Laminated Chart
Meridian Beginning and End Points ~ Laminated Chart
Meridian Cycle Handout (Pack of 30)
Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners
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The Nine Energy Systems (DVD)
The Energies of Love (Soft Cover Book)
Color Gel & Laminate Package
The Energy Medicine Kit
Energy Medicine for Women (Award Winning Book)
71 results
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