Rituals for Living and Dying (Book)


by David Feinstein, Ph.D. & Elliott Mayo, M.S.W.

If you are called upon to recommend a SINGLE book to an individual or family facing death or grief, THIS IS THE BOOK.

Rituals for Living and Dying is one of the best publications I have seen on the topic. I recommend it highly for anybody who has the courage to delve into the issue of death and dying.
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D.

The fact that we are mortal and know that we are mortal distinguishes us from all other creatures and is the source of our greatest philosophy, our most profound literature, and our most human longings and motivation. To delve deeply into these issues with eyes open and good guidance changes your consciousness forever. It addresses the underlying existential anxiety felt by all people, and it helps us appreciate the sweetness of every breath.

The authors offer a series of brilliantly crafted exercises for imaginatively grappling with the facts of life and death. The power, ingenuity, and depth of these structured experiences distinguish the work as unique in its field. The book is also wise and humorous, sad and uplifting, captivating and helpful.
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., from the Foreword

How We Can Turn Loss & the Fear of Death into an Affirmation of Life

Rituals for Living & Dying Contents:

  • Part I: Rituals for Living and Dying One Family's Experience
  • Part II: Cultivating an Empowering Mythology for Confronting Death
  • Part III: The Alchemy of Transmuting Grief to Creativity
A powerful step toward opening the mind to the heart...I would recommend this book to anyone confronting the grief of illness or lossStephen Levine

The Authors

David Feinsten, Ph.D.

David Feinsten, Ph.D.

David Feinstein, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who has worked extensively with individuals facing life-threatening illnesses, lives in Ashland, Oregon. He is in wide demand as a lecturer and workshop leader who focuses on cultivating relevant, contemporary ritual and myth.

Peg Elliott Mayo, M.S.W.

Peg Elliott Mayo, M.S.W.

Peg Elliott Mayo, M.S.W., is a clinical social worker, writer, workshop leader, and storyteller, living in the rugged Coast Range Mountains of Oregon. Her psychotherapy combines a Jungian perspective, Gestalt immediacy, body awareness, and the power of ritual.

With passion, creativity, and infinite sensitivity, David Feinstein and Peg Elliott Mayo have fashioned rituals and rites of passage that nurture relationships, ease transitions, and feed the spirit. This brilliant book will be appreciated by all who seek richness and meaning in difficult times
Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D.
The provocative exercises and thoughtful text can help you approach death, and thus life, with enhanced integrity
Ram Dass

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