Eden Method for a Soul-Driven Career Livestream


Eden Method for a Soul-Driven Career

Taught by Marjorie Fein

Marjorie Fein

Whether you are a healer, artist, entrepreneur, nurse, carpenter or dancer, you can have different experiences and expressions of your work. You can bring integrity, inspiration, excellence, and creativity, or you can be disconnected, money-driven, stagnant.

This class wants to help you unlock the courage to embrace the fullness of who you are and infuse that into every aspect of your life. There is no separation between the development of self and the development of your creative work.

Energy Medicine offers powerful tools to help you explore and gain mastery of the issues that impede you from embodying the complete, delightful expression of your work and to feel successful in every respect.

5-Elements and Creativity: Look at the phases of creativity through the lens of the 5-elements to gain understanding of your strengths and find support for your limitations.

Vortex Energy Patterns: When we find ourselves having repetitive experiences that don’t serve us Vortex energy can be responsible. Learn to balance/harness these magnetic energies to draw more positive and productive experiences in your life

Chakra Relationships: Every important life theme is held in our Chakras. Like any relationship, these themes can be the source of support or stress. Discover where your tensions lie and how to ease them. (Heart into how you communicate, eg.

Instruct Your Subconscious: Our subconscious beliefs define how we live for better or for worse. Learn to unblock your subconscious mind to support your conscious desires and goals.

The Power of Ritual: Our daily activities are the building blocks of our lives. Learn simple, powerful ritual practices that marshal your energies towards your life goals.

The Law of Attraction: Learn practical tools to cultivate a positive, inviting attitude towards the things you desire.

About Marjorie Fein

Marjorie Fein has been helping her clients cultivate strength, resilience, and vitality through her work as an energy healer for over 20 years. She has been a faculty member of the Donna Eden Certification Program since its inception in 2005 and was a contributing designer of the Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner level. She travels throughout the country teaching classes in Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Aromatherapy. Her current passion is teaching the Authentic Creator Series; Cultivating Creativity Through the 5-Elements.


Class date: May 17 - 19, 2021

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