Self Understanding Through Imagery and Color

by Robert Hoss with Foreword by David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Hoss is among a growing group of researchers who, thanks to cutting-edge medical technology and innovative psychological research, are beginning to decipher the secrets hidden in our dreams and the role dreaming plays in our lives.
Readers Digest, Feb 2006

In its own language, your dreaming mind brings messages from deep inside to help you move more through life with greater harmony and self-understanding. You will learn how to use the "6 Magic Questions" and the "Color Questionnaire" to discover the power of dream Imagery and color to transform your life. Although dreams appear bizarre, you will learn that your dream language not only holds a profound logic, it is also an expression of inner feelings and motivations that affect your waking life.

Featuring a new dreamwork approach, plus original work on color and dreams, this book holds interest for professionals, students, plus anyone interested in dreams, self-help, or the psychological meaning of color. With sixteen contributing experts, it presents the latest understanding about dreams, offering a fast, easy method for relating dreams to waking life.

This unique and remarkable book has it all - from dream psychology and neuroscience, to a user-friendly, practical approach to working with the 'language' of dreams.
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

Dream Language reveals the life-changing influence of dreams at all levels of the human experience, and provides a powerful yet simple approach to use your dreams for self-understanding and transformation. In learning to "speak" the "language" of dreams, you will be able to quickly decode your dream imagery using the Gestalt-based "Six Magic Questions." As the first major work on dream color, it includes a research-based questionnaire that allows you to explore the emotional content within dream color.

Although grounded in cutting-edge theory and science, it evolved from a general dream studies course and is therefore masterfully written to teach in an easy step-by-step manner, using a wealth of examples and exercises, so that readers with either personal or professional interests can immediately incorporate these simple techniques into their dreamwork. The book covers a variety of topics, ranging from paranormal and spiritual dreams to nightmares to dream healing.

Don't Miss The Message
       -- Simply Because You Don't Understand The Language

In it's own language, your dreaming mind brings messages from deep inside, to help you move more easily through life. The messages are ever present and the language of the dream is not unlike our waking language, if we could speak it without the burden of words.

By learning to speak the dream language of Color and Imagery you will discover:

  • the "6 magic questions" that reveal your inner beliefs & conflicts
  • the power of dream color to reveal your hidden feelings
  • a new way to use your dreams to transform your life
  • how the dreaming brain creates a language of its own
  • how dream language is an expression of your waking life


Robert Hoss

Robert Hoss

Author: Robert Hoss, MS, Executive Officer and Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, serves on the faculty of the Haden Institute for Dream Leadership Training and the adjunct faculty of Scottsdale College. He is a scientist trained in Gestalt work and an internationally acclaimed lecturer and instructor on dream studies for over 30 years.

David Feinsten, Ph.D.

David Feinsten, Ph.D.

Forward by: David Feinstein, Ph.D., a pioneer in bringing a personal mythological perspective to dreams and dreamwork, has served on the faculties of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Antioch College.


Our Dream Leadership Training students rave over his rare skill to weave research and dreamwork together at a personal levelBob Haden, M Div, S.T.M.
An enormous contribution to the field of dream science. Connecting the changing neurobiology of the brain during sleep with the changing 'language' we use in our dreams is a powerful conceptDavid Kahn, PhD, Harvard Medical School
I used this wonderful book with a man who developed a brain tumor years ago. He has shared many dreams over the years but he hasn't had the "aha" experience until today, when he had multiple "aha" experiences. You've really developed a powerful technique.Wendy Pannier, '05 President IASD
Starting off with his six magic questions, we were unerringly led to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A highly recommended dream masterwork!Rita Dwyer, '99 President IASD
The first major work on color in dreamsRobert Van de Castle, Ph.D.

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