Energy Medicine: 10th Anniversary Edition (Award Winning Book)


Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality

By Donna Eden with David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Paper Back Edition

Foreword by Caroline Myss

Energy Medicine has been called the "Gray's Anatomy of the subtle body."  It weaves together the author's fascinating story, the invisible world of the energies which she works, pertinent research, cross cultural understanding, spell-binding case histories, and most important a systematic and comprehensive program for self-healing and for "keeping your energies humming."

Energy Medicine was awarded the Prestigious 2009 Nautilus Gold Award, Health category.

Read Donna's Introduction to the 10th Anniversary edition!

In this 10th Anniversary Edition of her classic guide to Energy Medicine, Donna Eden shows readers how to work with the body's energy systems to:

  • Boost vitality and stamina
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Relieve pain and common complaints such as colds and tension headaches
  • Sharpen mind and memory
  • Enhance overall health with an invigorating Daily Energy Routine

Featuring extensive updates and revisions drawn from Donna Eden's work with thousands of patients and students over the past decade, this revised edition includes a new introduction by the author and a new section on energy techniques to protect and heal the body when surgery, chemotherapy, or other invasive medical procedures are necessary.

See what's new in the 10th Anniversary Edition

Energy Medicine was the first place winner in the self-help category of the 2008 National "Best Books" Book Awards from USA Book News.

The new edition includes key insights such as:

  • Rapidly identifying your energy imbalances
  • Using Energy Medicine with other medical treatments
  • Preparation and recovery from an operation
  • Alleviating side effects of medications or radiation or chemotherapy
  • Updated easy to follow exercises for clearing the bodies energies
  • Diagrams mapping Energy Medicine with Chinese acupressure points
  • Working with the “electrics” energy system, which ties other energy systems together

A few of the most common conditions addressed by the book. How to:

  • Release Built-Up Stress
  • Relieve Arthritic Pain
  • Nip an Illness in the Bud
  • Relieve Pain in Your Hands, Wrists, or Elbows
  • Loosen Up When You Are Feeling Stiff
  • Eat Smarter
  • Overcome Nervousness
  • Rid Yourself of a Chronic Headache
  • Relieve Low Back Pain
  • Rid Yourself of an Allergy Headache
  • Feel Joyful More of the Time
  • Relieve a Cramped Muscle
  • Release Neck & Shoulder Tension
  • Keep Your Memory Sharp

View & Print enlarged drawings of the Acupressure Strengthening & Sedating points from the book!

Foreign Editions of Energy Medicine are Available

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